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We’re Not Actually Tutors. We are Teachers Who Tutor.

With over 340 years of collective teaching experience, The Community Classroom tutors are some of the most talented educators available. They are all licensed and certified, they all come with peer and parent letters of recommendations, they are highly functioning, and they are simply incredible people.

We invite you to learn more about some of amazing our educators below.
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Amazing. Brilliant. Charismatic.


Have Master's Degree


Speak Multiple Languages


Teach at the College Level

Average years of teaching experience

Our daughter, who consistently complains about anything math-related, has thrived with her play-based math tutor. She is having so much fun, she doesn’t even realize she’s learning!

Eric G


Our Staff

Dr. Megan Allen, NBCT
Chief Learning Curator/Owner + Operator
Josh Abrams
Tutor, Math Specialist
Elise Abreu
Stacy Ashley
Reading Specialist
Meet The Tutor, Carly Baldwin NBCT
Carly Baldwin, NBCT
Biology and Chemistry Tutor, Academic Coach
Emily Brandt
Project Manager/Assistant
Chelsea Berry
K-8th Grade Math Specialist, Math Recovery
Cait Browne
Tutor, Academic Coach
Meet The Tutor, Jay
Jay Bright
Tutor, Math Specialist
Kristie Budrecki
Math Specialist/Master Tutor
Chris Cleland
Elementary Tutor
Meet The Tutor, Karrisa Fabin
Karrisa Fabin
Middle School/High School English/Language Arts Tutor
Meet The Tutor, Danielle Goua
Danielle Goua
Early Childhood Tutor
Meet The Tutor Lisa Halloran
Lisa Halloran
Early Childhood Tutor, English as a Second Language (ESL)
Meet The Tutor, Julie Hammond
Julie Hammond
Tutor and Academic Coach
Martha Harrington
K-6 Master Tutor
Terri HerrNeckar
Math Specialist/Master Tutor
Meet The Tutor, Chris Holmes
Chris Holmes
Academic Coach
Keara Holmes
Reading Specialist
Alfred Kimani
Elementary Tutor
Shari Leskowitz
Elementary and ESL Tutor
Meet The Tutor, Abby Wicker
Abby Maeillo
K-6 Elementary Tutor, Math Specialist
Caitlin Martin
PreK-Elementary School Tutor
Meet The Tutor Danielle Massey
Dr. Daniele Massey
6th-9th Grade Math Specialist
Madonna McAnulty
Elementary Tutor, ESL
Jeremiah McAnulty
High School Math Tutor
Meet The Tutor, Natalie McCutchen
Natalie McCutchen
Middle School Math Tutor
Susan Milsom
Math Specialist/Master Tutor
Koki M.
Elementary Tutor, Special Education
Meet The Tutor, Ann Neary
Ann Neary, NBCT
College Essay Coaching
Maggie Needham
Middle School-High School Math + SAT/ACT Tutor
Mary Beth O’Connor
Reading Specialist
Kathryn Petrucelli
Writing Tutor, College Essay Coaching and Editing
Meet The Tutor, Mary
Mary Phillips
Reading Specialist, Elementary Math and Reading/Writing Tutor
Nicole Rhodes
Lead Tutor, HS/AP Science, Academic Coach
Patty Solomon
Elementary Tutor
Karen Schweitzer
Math Specialist/Master Tutor
Emilia Strodel
High School Math Tutor
Jan Szymaszek
Math Specialist, Master Tutor
Meet The Tutor, Nellie Taylor
Nellie Taylor
AP PreCalculus/Algebra, Middle-High School Math Tutor
Christina Webster
Lead Tutor, PreK-3rd Grade Tutor, Reading Specialist

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