Meet Kramer, the friendly and curious red-eared slider who has become an integral part of our classroom community. Kramer isn’t just any ordinary turtle – he’s a dedicated member of our Turtle Reading Program (TRP), where he eagerly listens to students read aloud.

Kramer may not speak our language, but his attentive eyes and calm demeanor make him an ideal listener for our young readers. With his shell as his home, Kramer roams around his cozy tank, always ready to lend an ear to a good story.

While Kramer may seem quiet and reserved, he’s actually quite the social butterfly among his fellow classmates. His gentle nature and inquisitive personality make him a favorite among students, who often find solace in sharing their favorite books with him.

When he’s not lounging in his tank or participating in reading sessions, you can often find Kramer basking under his heat lamp or taking a leisurely swim in his aquatic playground.

With his endearing charm and love for stories, Kramer truly embodies the spirit of learning and companionship in our classroom. He may be slow and steady, but his impact on our students’ literacy skills and emotional well-being is nothing short of remarkable.

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