Frequently Asked Questions

We understand seeking tutoring and educational resources can be confusing. Below are common questions we receive.

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General FAQs

Where is tutoring offered?

We utilize Zoom to offer secure, interactive online tutoring, coaching, or support sessions.

We also offer in-person tutoring at our physical classroom location in Florence, Massachusetts.

At-home or private room tutoring is available for an additional fee. See our rates page for more information.

How long is a tutoring session?

Typically our tutoring sessions last one hour. However, for our PreK and some of our K students, we recommend starting with a thirty-minute session. Every child is different! We will adjust based on what your child needs.

Is scheduling fixed or flexible?

We work to be flexible and accommodating with everyone’s session time and day requests. This includes weekdays, nights, and weekends.

What type of students do you help?

We have a great track record of working to listen to students, address underlying issues, and help kids reconnect with learning.

Some typical students we work with:

  • PreK through high school.
  • Homeschooled students.
  • Students who seem disinterested in school.
  • Students who seem unmotivated.
  • Students who are easily distracted.
  • Students needing homework assistance.
  • High schoolers who want college essay help.
  • High schoolers who need ACT or SAT help.
  • Students transitioning from online back to the classroom.
  • Adults who want to sharpen their skills.
  • Students needing English as a Second Language assistance.
How do you match tutors and clients?

We believe in the power of relationships! We have a Compatibility Tool designed by our founder to hand-match tutors and clients. We use information collected from a Tutor Self-Assessment Tool and data from the Learner and Caregiver Questionnaires to engage in evidence-based matching using 5 criteria:

  • Content and Grade Level
  • Areas of Expertise
  • Similarities and Differences
  • Strengths and Interests
  • Availability.
How do we track progress?

A learning session map is created for each student and we provide progress reports twice a year.

In addition to the learning map, we use a Learn Confidence Tool as a pre and post-instrument to hear how they are feeling about their confidence! Comparing their answers before and after can be awe-inspiring. It’s amazing to see what expert educators can do.

Does an adult need to be present?

All of our tutors and coaches are background-checked and fully vetted. Though an adult being present is not required, they are welcome to should they prefer.

Additionally, we ensure that contact information is exchanged so you will have access to your tutor’s phone number and email.

What does "personalized" tutoring mean?

When we use the phrase personalized, it means we develop tutoring practices based on your child’s particular interests, strengths, and needs. It is tutors that are matched just for them and lessons that are crafted with your child in mind.

An Example:
During an intake process, we learned one of our middle school clients loved the musical Hamilton. Her tutor used the information to not only build rapport but designed lessons and reading that involved songs and themes from the musical.

What is High Dosage Tutoring?

High dosage tutoring (sometimes called HDT) is defined as one-on-one or small group tutoring 3 times a week, for an extended period of time. Research shows it’s one of the most effective ways to combat learning loss, with one study from Johns Hopkins showing that it can have kids excelling an additional 5 months ahead, while another Harvard study from 2016 showed that it was 20x more effective than regular tutoring in math, 15x more effective in reading.

What are the types of tutors (junior, master, etc.)?

Junior Tutors are not certified teachers but are working under the supervision of a Tutor Mentor, who is a certified teacher. They offer clients a more affordable option with a vetted and supported tutor who has deep content knowledge.

Both Tutors and Master Tutors are certified teachers, but Master Tutors have over 10 years of experience teaching, which gives them next-level skills to work with our clients.

Costs vary based on experience. See our rates page for more information.

Are there contracts involved?

No. You will not have to sign a contract and can choose to stop at any time. We do require a 48-hour cancellation notice.

We highly recommend trying a schedule of one session a week for at least a month. The more frequent the sessions, the faster the progress.

What are your diversity practices?

We are a proud, woman-owned business. We bring those on our team who offer diverse perspectives based on cultural identity, racial identity, religious diversity, age diversity, gender diversity, regional diversity, and orientation.

We aim to offer tutors as role models so our students can see themselves and/or see those who offer different perspectives.

The Community Classroom is an equal opportunity employer.

What are your covid policies?

We offer online tutoring with Zoom, and outdoor socially distanced tutoring when requested. Our tutors are all vaccinated and masks are required in the classroom. We follow all CDC health guidelines.

What if we are late to a session?

 If the student is late to a session, you will be charged for the full hour to compensate the tutor for their time and planning. Tutors will not be expected to stay past the allocated session time.

What is your cancellation policy?

 We understand that sometimes life can get in the way of tutoring or coaching sessions. On purpose or by accident. Sessions can be canceled anytime.

We do require a 48-hour notice for a refundable cancellation. If a session is missed for any reason without a 48-hour notice (by phone or email), that session is non-refundable.

Payment FAQs

What are the payment options?

We currently offer three ways to pay.

  1. Check. This is our preferred method. Please have checks mailed to our physical classroom, 29 N. Maple Street, Florence, MA, 01062.
  2. Automatic bank draft. Many clients find this is the most convenient method. It can be arranged through our Square invoicing system and is offered as an option through Square.
  3. Credit or debit card.
When am I billed?

We send invoices at the end of each month. If you prefer an alternate billing frequency or time, please contact us directly.

Do you offer financial assistance?

While we do not currently offer final assistance, we might be able to point you in some helpful directions for resources or funding. Send us an email to discuss this further.

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