Building a Stronger Working Memory

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Ever heard yourself say “I JUST told you to unload the dishwasher, how could you have forgotten?” Or, “What do you mean you don’t remember what your teacher just told you to do?

Yep, that’s working memory.

A theme we hear from parents and caregivers time and time again is that they want their children to develop better organizational skills and be able to stay focused on tasks. One of the key components to developing these skills is working memory.

Defined as “the part of short-term memory that is concerned with immediate conscious perceptual and linguistic processing,” it’s something that we can grow and develop. Just like any muscle, we can work to make the brain stronger.

Course Details

This is a  6-session online course designed by Jean Lawson, a Missouri Teacher of the Year finalist who is certified in early childhood education (birth-3rd grade), early childhood special education (birth-3rd grade), elementary education (1st-6th grade), and mild/moderate cross-categorical special education (K-12th grade).

Course Pace

Developed to help families work with their children to develop stronger working memories, we suggest you watch one video a week, apply the strategies, practice, then repeat the process.


Building a Stronger Working Memory Video Breakdowns

Module 1: Why does working memory matter?

  • Learn why working memory matters to you as a student.
  • Learn how you can work to build stronger working memory.​​​

Module 2: How does working memory actually work?

  • Learn how working memory helps increase focus and attention.
  • Try 2 games to build working memory and block out distractions.

Module 3: How does working memory affect my learning? Reading.

  • Learn how working memory affects reading words (decoding) and comprehension (understanding).
  • Explore a goal-setting tool to pinpoint your next steps to build a stronger working memory with reading.

Module 4: How does working memory affect my learning? Math.

  • Learn how to know what information you need to use to solve a word problem.
  • Explore a goal-setting tool to pinpoint your next steps to build a stronger working memory with math.

Module 5: What strategies can help develop a stronger working memory for reading?

  • Learn strategies to build skills related to learning how to read.
  • Learn strategies to build skills related to the reading process.
  • Explore a variety of tools to develop stronger reading skills.

Module 6: What organizational tools can help me with working memory?

  • Explore a variety of tools and learn how to use each one for a variety of purposes.
  • Listen to step-by-step directions to use each organizational tool.
  • Receive PDFs of all the recommended tools.

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