The Resilient Project

An initiative to raise the voices of talented female entrepreneurs in Florence, Massachusetts.

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The Resilient Project

The Community Classroom tutoring center and Tiffany Chapman Photography are excited to announce a new collaboration that will feature 17 female entrepreneurs of Florence, Massachusetts, The Resilient Project.

Each month (February, March, and April) will feature female business owners through both group portraits and an interview podcast (all free of charge to them) showcasing their leadership, strength, and resilience. Tiffany will be providing amazing photography and Dr. Megan Allen of The Community Classroom will conduct the in-depth interviews.

You can find out more about The Resilient Project in this interview with The Western Mass Business Show on WHMP radio.

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The portraits and podcasts will be featured in April at the following locations:

The podcasts will also be available on Spotify or any podcatcher (as well as below—keep scrolling!).

The Community Classroom founder, Megan Allen.

Tiffany Chapman Photography owner, Tiffany Chapman.

Podcast Episodes

Press Release


Group Portraits of 17 Florence Female Entrepreneurs Take Over the Empty Faces Windows in Downtown Northampton


Dr. Megan M. Allen, NBCT

Chief Learning Curator and Founder, The Community Classroom


Group Portraits of 17 Florence Female Entrepreneurs Take Over the Empty Faces Windows: A Partnership Brings the Celebration of Female Resilience to a Window Near You

Northampton, MA: Come celebrate with us! 

When: April 8, 2022

Where: In front of 175 North Main Street, the old Faces storefront in Downtown Northampton, Massachusetts

Time: 6-7:30 pm EST

Who: Though we will be celebrating the 17 female leaders, the Sidewalk Reception is open to the public as a part of Northampton Arts Night Out

Come and be the first to see the portraits of resilience! On April 8 there will be a free Sidewalk Reception to celebrate the reveal of the portraits of The Resilient Project, a project celebrating the resilience of 17 female business owners in Florence. 

A partnership between Busy Bee-Cleans, Tiffany Chapman Photography, and The Community Classroom, The Resilient Project aims to lift the voices of local female entrepreneurs, sharing their stories of power and resilience during and after the pandemic.

The window display will include group portraits of the 17 entrepreneurs, who include: Tiffany Chapman of Tiffany Chapman Photography, Carrielynn Fournier of Busy Bee-Cleans, Dr. Megan Allen of The Community Classroom, Kathryn Kothe of Cycle Pottery, Emily Fox of Emily Foxtrot, Laurel Boyd of Ascendance Inner World Arts, Lora Ksieniewicz of Yoga of the Valley, Lexi Walters Wright of High Five Books, Lindsay of Art Always, Maggie Shar and Annie of Little Roots, Myssie Lacharite and Rosalie Black of The Wild Chestnut Cafe, Siyana Huszar of Marcella NYC, Marilyn Rivera of Florence Barber Shop, and Mayor of Northampton Gina Louise Sciarra. The window display will have QR codes to access the accompanying interviews of each woman and will include many different artifacts from both Florence’s history and women’s history. A scavenger hunt will be available for kids to learn from the window display.

The sidewalk reception will be a stopping point during Northampton’s April Arts Night Out. It will be open to the public so the community can meet the women behind and featured in the project. The 17 women featured in The Resilient Project will be wearing white to be easily identified and as an homage to the women’s suffrage movement. Signature mocktails will be served, each named after a woman important to Florence’s history and comprised of ingredients that represent resilience, strength, and uniqueness.

Charcuterie will be available from Food by Foley, a new female-owned business. Limited edition and locally created Resilient Project buttons will be available for the first 20 attendees.

Amy Cahillane, the Director of The Downtown Northampton Association, stated:

“The community of female business owners in Northampton is endlessly inspiring, constantly blowing me away with their creativity, tenacity and seemingly limitless enthusiasm, even in the midst of a pandemic.  I am so grateful that their stories are starting to be told – and by other female entrepreneurs, no less!  Megan’s ability to dive into their experiences on her podcast makes for a great listen – and Tiffany has used her talents to capture their true personalities in a single image. This project is a total joy! I can’t wait for it to be on public display.”

Miss the event? The portraits and full window display will be available for the entire month of April.

Rain contingency plan: We have tents and rainjackets. Grab your galoshes!

Read more about the event at

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