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Expert Tutors For Every Grade Level

Our tutors are professional teachers who have the experience and skills to help students of any age (and learning difference) achieve their goals. Even grown-ups.

We offer tutoring online (nationally) and in-classroom (Florence, MA), with an option of in-home tutoring for a small additional cost.

The Community Classroom Tutoring for PRE-K


Subjects Available

Building Math Skills
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Kindergarten Readiness
Learning Differences

The Community Classroom Tutoring for Elementary Age


Subjects Available

English, Language Arts (Orton Gillingham, Wilson)
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Learning Differences (Dyslexia, processing disorders, etc.)
Social Studies



Tutors for Middle School

Middle School

Subjects Available

English as a Second Language (ESL)
General Math
Language Arts
Learning Differences (Dyslexia, processing disorders, etc.)

Tutors for High School

High School to Adult

Subjects Available

Algebra II
Biology and AP Biology
Calculus, AP Calculus, and Calc II
College Essays
English as a Second Language (ESL)

Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science

Integrated Math 1, 2, and 3
Language Arts
Learning Differences (Dyslexia, processing disorders, etc.)
Physics and AP Physics
Writing Support

Who We Serve

All Ages

Students from Pre-K all the way through high school seniors.


Adults looking to sharpen their skills or freshen up on a subject.


Students who need English as a Second Language assistance.

Home Schooled

Students being home-schooled who need subject-specific assistance.


Speciliazed reading assistance for students with dyslexia.


Students needing specialized math instruction like Math Recovery.


Students who are easily distracted in the classroom.

College Prep

High Schoolers needing help with ACT or SAT test prep.


Students who have dyslexia or need the Orton-Gillingham method.


Students needing assistance completing homework assignments.

Virtual Learning

Students transitioning to or from online learning.


Helping deflated students find the joy of learning again.

Tutoring Options

Below you can learn more about our tutoring options. View our frequently asked questions page about tutoring.

Standard Tutoring Services

What Is it?
Standard Tutoring Services (STS)
is designed to pair a skilled tutor with a student (online or in-person) for regular tutoring, including hand-matching using our Learner and Caregiver Questionnaires, access to an exceptional tutor, and a Learning Map to keep track of learning progress and sessions.

This service starts at $75/hour with specialized content areas such as secondary sciences, secondary math, AP, and IB tutoring starting at $80-$85/hour.

Premium Tutoring Services

What Is it?
Premium Tutoring Services (PTS) includes more in-depth data collection and involves monthly progress reports. Premium tutoring is an additional $75/month.

This allows parents and caregivers access to detailed progress monitoring and reporting. In addition to the Learning Map from the Standard Tutoring, this includes a 3 paragraph monthly progress report emailed at the end of every month, as well as a monthly 15-minute Zoom or in-person conference with the tutor and caregivers. The monthly conference will focus on ways the caregivers can support tutoring and learning at home. Think of it as your parent coaching session!

Best For:
Premium Tutor Services is best for families who want to find ways to support their child at home in their learning by having more lines of communication with the tutor. This is perfect for families who have questions and are looking for activities, strategies, and expert advice to apply at home.


Still Have Questions?

We’ve compiled many of our clients common questions in a convenient resource page for you. Spanning questions from costs to requirements to tutor types and more.

Some Recent Reviews

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Working with The Community Classroom was incredible to say the least. From the speedy response after I had initially reached out for support to the time we ended, the service was like a breath of fresh air for my family. Our tutor was more than flexible given our situation. From day one of connecting with us she listened to our story and decided she’d like to work with my son. Christina was very personable, patient, and dedicated to helping my son. She helped him gain the confidence he needed to succeed, not to mention how much this uplifted his spirit. I was always kept in the loop with a weekly chart to see exactly what my son had done for the week. This was extremely helpful in seeing the strides my son had made. If ever needed again I’d connect with The Community Classroom without hesitation and would recommend them as well.
What a terrific experience my daughter, Elle, had tutoring with The Community Classroom! Elle took Spanish III Honors and she needed a tutor to help her. Dr. Allen matched Elle with Juan, an educator from Ecuador. Not only did Elle improve her Spanish fluency, but she was able to attain an A in the class! Working with Dr. Allen and Juan was a blessing! I highly recommend The Community Classroom for your children’s tutoring needs!
Response from the owner: We are so proud of Elle and all that she has accomplished! We can't wait to see where she picks for college next year. What an incredible human.
The Community Classroom is INCREDIBLE! Our family has felt supported from the moment we reached out. Megan responded swiftly, and gave us so much time and care to help us create a support plan. She found us just the right tutor, with the right availability, who is amazing. I have felt truly taken care of by everyone there. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Response from the owner: Thanks for this, Mary! We appreciate you.
The Community Classroom has been nothing but amazing for my son! Megan matched my son up with a tutor that paired perfectly with him. We have only been apart of the Community Classroom for three months now but we are already seeing improvements! It's great to have his tutor work one-on-one to help with the topics he is struggling with in school, the help he can't get in the classroom. I can't say enough about The Community Classroom and would highly recommend it to any parent who is looking to help their child grow academically.
Response from the owner: Thanks for this, Vanessa! We have loved getting to know your family.
The community classroom has been absolutely wonderful. Meghan has been so responsive, taking time to find out what each child’s individual needs are and pairing them with a great tutor. I expected that getting my child there each week would be a chore but he has really enjoyed his time there and looks forward to his sessions. Our experience has been positive all around.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Tala! We love the smiley, calm, and intelligent energy your kids bring.
Last spring, after remote learning, my then fifth grader's math confidence was really low and I worried about him going into middle school without the building blocks that he needed to be successful. I contacted The Community Classroom and Megan set him up with an amazing tutor who worked with him in person and over zoom all summer. He was able to start sixth grade feeling so much better about himself and his math skills. He took a break from tutoring in the fall and winter but recently came to me and said that he was struggling again in math and feeling lost. I emailed Megan and she came to the rescue right away - connecting us with a fantastic tutor! We're so grateful to The Community Classroom!
Response from the owner: We love your middle schooler and are so proud of him. Thanks for this review, Steed family! We appreciate you all and your loyalty.
signing up with the community classroom was hands down the best decision I have made to help my daughter with her reading and math. My 10 year old absolutely loves her tutor and looks forward to each session. She went from not wanting to read anything to asking for the entire Harry Potter series for Christmas. Just last night she read a book to me which in the past she would have gotten frustrated and given up. I love seeing her improvement. I highly recommend this business to anyone, they work with your schedule and handle you on a case by case basis according to what is best for your needs and your family. They are virtual as well.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Carole! We sure do love Aubrey. 🙂
I taught in public schools for a number of years. A year or so ago I took a leap of faith and decided that I needed to take a step back from teaching to see what other opportunities were out there. I’ve been a tutor at The Community Classroom for just over a year. It’s such a positive space to come to and Megan is an amazing boss! She’s very supportive, and not only when it comes to The Community Classroom. Since I began working here, I feel like I’ve had the opportunity to work on a lot of really cool projects and events that engage the community and have helped me to network as well. Most of all, I love being matched with students who I am able to support with engaging lessons that let me flex my creative muscles while meeting their needs. If you love teaching but you’re falling out of love with being a teacher and have doubts (like a number of my former colleagues have expressed) I would highly recommend you check out The Community Classroom for a breath of fresh air! It's not only a great place to learn but it's a great place to work!
Response from the owner: We are so fortunate to have you on our team, Chris!
The thing that I appreciate most about The Community Classroom is the written feedback outlining the learning objectives as well as notes from the tutors on progress. The tutors that my kids have worked with were professional and engaging (even when my kids were not!). I highly recommend them for one on one learning support.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind review, Gina. Our tutors are awesome!
After only three sessions, my child is noticeably more confident in their ability to do math! It's wonderful to see their anxiety, which was making learning so much harder, melt away. They are excited to go to tutoring (something I didn't expect) and even recently asked their teacher at school for help, which they wouldn't have done before. I had no idea how quickly things could change. I wish I'd have done this years ago!!Their tutor explains things in a warm, relaxed, accepting way in a space that radiates the same qualities.My child adds: "Everyone was friendly! I like the space, the atmosphere and the accessible tools [manipulatives for explaining things].""I could understand things that didn't make sense at school."
Response from the owner: We do love them so! And we love that things changed so quickly for them. Thanks for your kind words!
We came to the Community Classroom looking for a tutor to help us homeschool our son on ELA and math and did not know what to expect. We have been blown away by the top notch tutors and personalized attention our son receives every time he enters the Classroom. One of the things we truly appreciated was the pre-work that was done to ensure that my son had the right tutor for his needs and the ongoing communication and tracking of his progress. They really do get my son and know how to get him excited about learning and doing his best every single time. We highly recommend Megan and her group of tutors to any family looking for any type of academic support.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind words! We try hard to make sure we make the right match with tutors and clients. Relationships are everything!
We sought out SAT tutoring for our high-school junior through The Community Classroom. Megan’s response was positive, timely and successful! Our son reports that his tutor is very helpful and setting him up with SAT skills. He enjoys his time with them and feels he is improving every week. Thank you to Megan and her team for offering this path to success!
Response from the owner: Thanks for this kind review, Moskal family. We can't wait to hear how he does on the big day!
My ninth grader worked with a Biology instructor (Carly) via zoom. Initially I was hoping for “in-person” tutoring and hesitant to agree to online sessions as he definitely had “zoom fatigue”. After learning about my child, the tutor that Megan suggested would be a good match was several states away so if we were to work with her, there was no option besides remote learning. I felt an immediate trust in Megan’s expertise, as she patiently listened to me about my child’s needs and learning style, so we gave it a try. I am so glad we did!My child is not always an enthusiastic learner, but he never complained that it was a tutoring day. He said that the sessions were very helpful in clearing up any confusion or questions he might have as well as helping him to prepare for his end of year standardized test. His tutor, Carly, was engaging, patient and very knowledgeable in her content area. The most exciting change we noticed in our child was the obvious increase in confidence about his Biology class and the subject matter. We cannot put a price tag on that!We are very happy that we discovered the Community Classroom and will most certainly utilize these services again in the future. We cannot recommend them highly enough and think that the entire process well-organized and student-centered.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Nicole. We loved working with your family!
My daughter struggled academically during the Pandemic as I know so many students did. Her grades were not reflective of what she was capable of and her self confidence was at an all time low. I immediately felt we contacted the right place when Megan truly listened to all of my daughter’s needs and conveyed genuine concern for her overall well-being. She understood that remote tutoring would not be effective for my daughter and that it would be best in-person. She thought it may take a few weeks to match her to a teacher who was willing to meet in person. It ended up only being a few days before she contacted us with the name and background of a tutor she felt would be a great fit. My daughter met with Tricia and they immediately made a great connection. They worked together to come up with a plan to catch up on her assignments in her classes and to work on improving her organizational and prioritizing skills.My daughter was in danger of failing several classes when we started at The Community Classroom. She ended up earning all A’s and B’s during her last quarter and she was no longer worried about having to participate in credit recovery over the summer. This allowed her to get her first summer job and her self-confidence has improved so much! I can’t thank Megan and Tricia enough for all they have done to help my daughter end her school year on such a positive note. I highly recommend The Community Classroom!
Response from the owner: Thank you, Abbey. We are SO. PROUD!!
The Community Classroom is a gem in our community. My first-grade son needed a reading tutor, so I reached out to the CC and Megan was super responsive, professional, helpful, and clear in her communications. She quickly connected us with a wonderful tutor and my son is swiftly catching up to grade level—and he adores her. Wins all around. Very grateful this resource exists!
Response from the owner: We adore your son! Thanks for choosing us, Valerie. We appreciate you.
The Community Classroom has provided an education lifeline after months of learning at home due to Covid-19 remote school schedules. I wish I'd found Megan's web site sooner! I was impressed by the amount of information on the web site and the level of immediate guidance provided once I completed the online form. Megan met with us to understand my son's needs and offered immediate results finding a tutor for us. We found the perfect match for my son - who now loves writing thanks to Megan and our tutor, Ann. I highly recommend The Community Classroom.
Response from the owner: Aw, thanks, Foley family! J. brings a smile to all of our faces. What a joy!
The support from The Community Classroom has been incredible. I feel like I have an army behind me helping my daughter reach her potential - and making it fun in the process! Our math and ELA tutors are exceptional and truly care about my child! You will love Megan and the Community Classroom! I give them a 10 out of 5 stars!
Response from the owner: Ah, thanks, Jessica! We love your daughter and are privileged to work with her!
The Community Classroom is such a great environment to work in!I feel very supported by the other tutors and staff! Megan is such a knowledgeable educator herself and knows all of the tutors at an individual level. She is willing to help support students' learning in any way she can!
Response from the owner: We are so happy you are part of our team, Elise. You are such a gift!
Providing personalized learning - this is more than tutoring!!! I love connecting with students and helping them to love learning (and do some math too!!) This is the support every family needs!!
Response from the owner: You have such a way to help kids fall in love with math, Daniele. We are so fortunate to have you on our team!
Megan and the Community Classroom have come to our rescue multiple times during the pandemic providing excellent teachers and tutors for our 6 year old and her peers. She helped us secure a short term teacher for a summer learning pod, a temporary one-on-one tutor for an extended school closure and more recently helped us secure a fantastic ongoing kindergarten tutor for our daughter, to provide enrichment above and beyond what she is currently getting from school. Every teacher has been an instant fit. Our daughter looks forward to every session. She speaks up, challenges herself and laughs a lot. Throughout, Megan has been behind the scenes coordinating curriculum and logistics. It’s hard to imagine what we would have done without Megan and the Community Classroom during this challenging time! We anticipate working with her for many years to come and would recommend the Community Classroom to all families (and kids!)!
Response from the owner: Thanks, vN family! We love you guys. <3
We have had the most amazing experience here; especially during virtual learning! My 1st grader has so much more confidence while reading, and jumps up for her time with “Miss Mary”. Communication has been so amazing, consistent, and thorough; both from our tutor Mary Phillips and Dr. Megan Allen. We have also enjoyed so many additional webinars, fun classes, and even live book readings with authors. Truly a caring and passionate team of educators!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your kind words! We love your girls and we love working with your family.
Megan and the tutors at Tailored Learning have been a lifesaver during the challenges of Covid19 and remote learning. My student absolutely loves her math and ELA tutors and the support has been helped us not only get by, but thrive these last 5 months. We will continue to use Tailored Learning even after quarantine is over as the services have been invaluable!
Response from the owner: Thanks, Sam! We hear so much about your daughter from our tutors. She brings them so much joy and they look forward to their time together! We appreciate you being a long-standing client.
Working at The Community Classroom has been such a wonderful experience because it has allowed me a flexible tutoring schedule, while also allowing me to connect with some pretty amazing kids!
Response from the owner: Hi Mary: We so value your work! You bring so much joy and understanding to the families you serve. Thanks for being a part of our team!
When schooling went virtual this past year, I was at a loss of what to do to supplement my daughter's 1st grade education. Fortunately for us, Tailored Learning Supports For Families matched my daughter with math and language arts tutors. On the days she has her sessions with them, my daughter wakes up with a smile on her face, already looking forward to the enriching and engaging learning opportunities. We do not know what we would do without this business and its unique ability to pair curated learning sessions and tutors with children. A must in this day and age!
Response from the owner: Thanks, Blair! Jay and Mary LOVE working with your little. She makes their days and she puts a smile on their faces, too!
Our second grader has been home doing E-learning for almost a full year now. Though this has been difficult in some ways, it has also given us the opportunity to see how he learns best and where we can support him more. We have so much time to be together unlike normal years that are filled with sports and school and work activities. The issue is, we are not teachers. We are parents that want to help and don’t really know what to do to fill in the gaps and support him best. I reached out to Megan to see what my options were and was met with everything we were looking for and more. She interviewed me and then had a zoom meeting with my son to find out more about him and his interests. By knowing what questions to ask and how to get him to open up about his learning she was able to put together a custom plan just for our family. It is filled with games, books and activities perfect for him. There are options to increase the support through tutors or small groups. He is excited for the new things we are learning and my husband and I feel like we have the tools to help him.
Response from the owner: Thanks, Lee! We loved spending time with Allister and can't wait to watch him learn and grow!
Megan was super fast in responding to my questions and matching my boys with a tutor that is so perfect for them! He was able to start working with us right away! I wish I had called earlier! An enormous sense of relief that my kids, as well as me!, are getting the support they need.
Response from the owner: We love working with your boys and helping them SOAR! It's our pleasure.
My 10 year old, on the younger side in 5th grade, had always felt a bit behind in school, though she got good grades. Spring remote learning due to covid was an absolute disaster, with tears from her and me on a daily basis. I knew she needed someone to help her with school and gain some self confidence regarding academics--so important for a girl her age. Megan at Tailored Learning Supports really listened and took the time to identify the right tutor. My daughter instantly bonded with her tutor, Tricia, and her expertise has helped identify gaps in understanding mathematical concepts I didn't even know were there. I am relieved and beyond grateful!
Response from the owner: Yay! We love working with your family. Thanks, April!
We were at a loss this summer on how to keep learning a priority at home for our six year-old while my spouse and I were both trying to work remotely. We ordered the curiosity crate and virtual enrichment one-on-one tutoring. What a saving grace! The curiosity crate was tailored to our daughter's interests and curiosities, and it even came with a list of additional activities, books, and learning fun that has kept her busy all summer. And the enrichment tutoring...Wow! Our daughter, who consistently complains about anything math-related, has thrived with her play-based math tutor. She is having so much fun, she doesn't even realize she's learning! Tailored Learning Supports helped us get through a difficult transition-to-home learning style, and it aided our daughter to rediscover how fun and exciting curiosity-based learning is. We would highly recommend this company, its products, and its services!
Response from the owner: Thanks, Eric and family! Our goal is to put the joy back in learning. YES!!!
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