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Our tutors are professional teachers who have the experience and skills to help students of any age (and learning difference) achieve their goals.

We offer tutoring online (nationally) and in-classroom (in Florence, MA). We also offer clients the options of in-home tutoring for a small additional cost.


The Community Classroom Tutoring for PRE-K


Subjects Available

Building Math Skills
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Kindergarten Readiness
Learning Differences

The Community Classroom Tutoring for Elementary Age


Subjects Available

English, Language Arts
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Learning Differences
Social Studies

Tutors for Middle School

Middle School

Subjects Available

English as a Second Language (ESL)
General Math
Language Arts
Learning Differences

Tutors for High School

High School

Subjects Available

Algebra II
Calculus and AP Calculus
College Essays
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Language Arts
Learning Differences
Physics and AP Physics
Writing Support

Tutoring Options

Below you can learn more about our tutor matching options. Scroll down to view our frequently asked questions about tutoring.

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Accelerated Tutor Services

What Is it?
Accelerated Tutoring Services (ATS)
is designed to pair a skilled tutor with a student (online or in-person) as soon as possible in order to begin tutoring quickly. While this path may not offer the tutor interview process and curated activity lists found in our premium package, our staff are prepared to pair you with a great subject matter tutor upon receiving your request form. This service starts at $75/hour with specialized content areas such as secondary sciences, secondary math, AP, and IB tutoring starting at $85/hour.

Best For:

  • A student with immediate tutoring needs on a specific subject matter.
  • A student needing test prep or project assistance.
  • Specific task assistance like college essay review.


Premium Tutor Services

What Is it?
Premium Tutoring Services (PTS) is a more in-depth tutor matching process that involves a student and caregiver in-take process, tutor resume review, a meet-n-greet with your chosen tutor, and monthly progress reports. Premium tutoring is an additional $10/hour.

This process takes the time to learn what the students learning strengths are and match them with the tutor that best compliments those strengths.

Best For:
Premium Tutor Services is best for families seeking a long-term mentor that is hand-picked for your child based on our tried-and-true list of indicators and can benefit from a curated activity list to better hone the learning concepts. Students paired through the PTS often mention how they gained a mentor as well as a tutor.


Tutoring FAQs

How much does tutoring cost?

Tutoring is variable depending on the level of support and communication needed to reach success. For PreK-5th grade students, the cost is between $75-$85 per hour. For 6th-12th grade, the cost is between $75-$90 per hour. This includes all prep time by the tutor as well as the actual tutoring session.

Our baseline tutoring is online or in a shared classroom space. We do offer clients the option to receive tutoring in-home (within 10 miles of The Community Classroom) or in a private, neutral safe space, which is an additional $29/session. If in-home tutoring is requested outside of the 10-mile radius, we will work with the client and tutor to negotiate an additional fee.

Consider our premium tutor services for a more robust tutoring experience.

How long is a tutoring session?

Typically our tutoring sessions last one hour. However, for our PreK and some of our K students, we recommend starting with a thirty-minute session. Every child is different! We will adjust based on what your child needs.

Ultimately we work with you and adjust to what’s needed for the student. If a session needs to be longer than an hour, it certainly can be.

Are tutors available to help with homework?

Yes! We have highly skilled tutors with subject-level expertise that can help your student with specific subject matter content. Check out our Accelerated Tutor Matching Process to learn more.

What is the value in your tutors being certified teachers?

We believe strongly in the lifelong impact great teachers can have. With a certified teacher, you are not just matched with someone earning extra money to pay their StitchFix bill. You are ensuring that the person your child is spending time with is experienced, trained, and certified in the particular content area. Our tutors aren’t really tutors. They are teachers, who tutor. 

What does "personalized" tutoring mean?

When we use the phrase personalized, it means we develop tutoring practices based on your child’s particular interests, strengths,

and needs. It is tutors that are matched just for them and lessons that are crafted with your child in mind. 

An Example:
During an intake process, we learned one of our middle school clients loved the musical Hamilton. Her tutor used the information to not only build rapport but designed lessons and reading that involved songs and themes from the musical. 

What kind of tutoring does The Community Classroom offer?

We tutor all ages, subjects, grades, content, support for English language learning, support for learning differences. For the tutor matching process, we offer two options: Accelerated Tutoring and Premium Tutoring. Tutoring is offered online or in-classroom, with additional costs for in-home and private tutoring spaces.

We also offer academic coaching if your child needs help getting organized and motivated.

To learn more about our specific tutoring options, click here.

How will I know my child is making progress?

A learning session map is created for each student and is a document you have access to all the time. These session maps include lesson objectives, links to standards, and notes from the tutor/coach after every session.  We also send progress reports twice a year. 

What kind of support do The Community Classroom tutors have?

Our founder, Megan, has her doctorate in Education Leadership for Teaching and Administration. Megan applies those skills to work as a mini-principal, ensuring that lessons are standards-aligned, goals are being met, teachers are supported, and clients are happy. We also offer periodic training sessions for our staff for free so they can stay on top of the best teaching practices for online learning.

Will my child like working with their tutor?

We work hard to match tutors and students based on a set of proven indicators with a 100% success rate thus far.

If your child is not happy, send us an email with detailed information about what’s not working, and we’ll get to work on finding a better match.

Will I be able to communicate with the tutor directly?

Absolutely! After the matching process, Megan will ensure that contact information is exchanged. You will have access to your tutor’s phone number and email.

What if I'm not sure what service (tutoring or coaching) we may need?

No problem! We will help you figure it out. Schedule a discovery session with Megan (our founder) and she will listen to what you need and help you pinpoint the next steps.

To schedule a discovery session, simply visit our contact page and choose “Discovery Session” in the drop-down menu. Discovery sessions are free of charge.

To learn more about the types of tutoring we offer, click here.

To learn more about what academic coaching is, click here.

Some Recent Reviews

  • My daughter struggled academically during the Pandemic as I know so many students did. Her grades were not reflective of what she was capable of and her self confidence was at an all time low. I immediately felt we contacted the right place when Megan truly listened to all of my daughter’s needs and conveyed genuine concern for her overall well-being. She understood that remote tutoring would not be effective for my daughter and that it wou... Read More
  • My ninth grader worked with a Biology instructor (Carly) via zoom. Initially I was hoping for “in-person” tutoring and hesitant to agree to online sessions as he definitely had “zoom fatigue”. After learning about my child, the tutor that Megan suggested would be a good match was several states away so if we were to work with her, there was no option besides remote learning. I felt an immediate trust in Megan’s expertise, as she patien... Read More
  • The Community Classroom is a gem in our community. My first-grade son needed a reading tutor, so I reached out to the CC and Megan was super responsive, professional, helpful, and clear in her communications. She quickly connected us with a wonderful tutor and my son is swiftly catching up to grade level—and he adores her. Wins all around. Very grateful this resource exists!
  • I am so impressed with the work Community Classroom does with their students. They are able to figure out the best learning strategies for each student. They offer support and truly want to see their students succeed. They are a valuable program in our community. I definitely would recommend using their services for your child.
  • The Community Classroom paired my elementary-aged kiddo with an incredible educator. In the months they've worked together, these sessions have become a highlight of the week: "I can't wait to see Mary!" Just as importantly, this excellent educator started with a math-hater and now math is the kid's favorite subject. It sounds like magic + fairy dust, but the communication is so clear that I get to see her progress *and* Mary gives us fun learnin... Read More
Meet the Tutors of the Community Classroom

Meet The Tutors

Get to know our experienced team of teachers who provide incredible tutoring and academic coaching to our clients. Many live in our home state of Massachusetts, while many also live all over the country.

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