About The Community Classroom

Florence, Massachusetts

Dr. Megan Allen Flynn

The Founder

Dr. Megan M. Allen, NBCT

Megan Allen founded The Community Classroom in 2020 after two decades of work in public school education and higher ed curriculum development. She serves as the Chief Learning Curator and is the first point of contact for all new clients.

Megan is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) who has worked in several roles in education, including 10 years as an elementary school teacher and special education teacher in Florida. She was also the director of the Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership at Mount Holyoke College, where she envisioned, pitched, and developed two graduate-level programs to support teachers across the world in their informal and formal leadership capacities.

A huge education nerd, she currently writes education columns and blog posts, consults, and coaches teachers and principals. She also serves as a consultant for the Center for Teaching Quality, where she supports teachers and administrators across the United States.

In 2010, Megan’s education achievements were recognized nationally with the 2010 Florida Teacher of the Year and a finalist for the 2010 National Teacher of the Year.

Megan is proud to serve on the Board of Directors for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Locally, Megan serves on the Board of Directors for the Hampshire Regional YMCA and is an active member of the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce. But Megan is the proudest to be the mama of one beautiful little girl, Cora Rose, and four fabulous Flynn stepkids.

Founder with her daughter

The founder of The Community Classroom, Megan, with her daughter, Cora.

Community Classroom founder with then Vice President, Joe Biden

Megan Allen meeting then, Vice President Biden, at the 2010 Teacher of the Year Ceremony.

Why The Pineapple?

Our founder (Megan) grew up in Lakeland, Florida, the daughter of a public educator mama and a father who is a lifelong learner, always with a book in hand. She learned early on from her mother (Sandra) that the pineapple represented warm welcomes, community, and generous hospitality. That when you saw the pineapple, it meant the door was always open. Megan not only inherited a love of teaching and education from her mother, but she also inherited an outgoing personality, an always loving heart, and a streak of goofy. To this day when Megan sees a pineapple, she is reminded of her sweet Mother and the southern symbol for hospitality.

Megan founded The Community Classroom in 2020 to offer a physical and virtual place for educators and students to create community in a safe and welcoming space. When Cora Rose (Megan’s daughter) was born, a rose-colored heart was added to the center of the logo, symbolizing that our first teachers are our parents and that a love of learning is passed down from generation to generation. If you ever find yourself in Florence, Massachusetts, look for the Pineapple with a heart and know you are always welcome. The doors are open.

Community Classroom founder with her mom

Sandra Allen kissing her daughter in 1980.

Learn about the community classroom in Florence, Massachyusetts

The pineapple represents hospitality and warm welcomes.

Symbol for Hospitality

Megan kissing her daughter, Cora,  outside the classroom.

Why Choose Us?

The Community Classroom is not an algorithm tutor-matching database. We are real teachers with a real passion for education.


Our tutors have consistently  helped students gain subject matter knowledge, improve scores, enhance study methods, and gain confidence in themselves along the way.


We make sure to personalize both the tutor matching process and lesson planning, to ensure your child’s interests and needs are seen, heard, and met.


 All of our staff have classroom teaching experience and degrees in education, 78% of whom have their Masters Degrees.


We offer both online and in-person sessions with booking flexibility (evenings and weekends), options that can fit in and around your carpool schedule.

Meet the Tutors of the Community Classroom

Meet The Tutors

Get to know our experienced team of teachers who provide incredible tutoring and academic coaching to our clients. Many live in our home state of Massachusetts, while many also live all over the country.

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Getting started is easy. We offer two types of tutoring experiences as well as academic coaching and parental support. We're ready when you are.

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