Amy earned her Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood and Elementary
Education from New York University. She taught Pre-K and elementary school
classrooms for 12 years in New York City with additional years in non-traditional
educational settings. In her last position, she taught elementary school science.
Amy also taught English Composition to freshmen college students at Georgia
College where she obtained a Master in Fine Arts in Creative Writing.
Throughout her teaching, Amy has always found ways to engage her students in
the critical skills of English Language Arts by drawing upon their
interests and tapping into their natural love for learning. Amy has a deep curiosity
about every young person she meets and a recognition that getting to know her
students well is instrumental in cultivating a positive collaborative experience.
Her goal as a tutor is to make the learning experience as joyful as possible. She
is mindful of affirming and acknowledging her students’ unique contributions to
the world. Amy lives in Easthampton, MA, and loves to explore the beauty of
Western Massachusetts through hiking excursions throughout the Valley
whenever she can.

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