6 Things That Are Keeping Parents Up This Year

Sep 1, 2021 | Articles, At Home Learning Tips, Pandemic Learning Loss, Parenting Tips

An article written by Community Classroom founder Megan Allen recently appeared on the advocacy platform Project Forever Free, discussing themes among parents of school-age kids as we enter the third school year (3!) touched by the pandemic.
“I rarely run into a parent who isn’t concerned about their child’s education, but these past two school years have even the most laid-back parents feeling uneasy. It’s a common theme and something that I hope schools and districts pay attention to. I’m worried about the plans I’ve seen for helping students “catch up.” I’m not sure that extended school days are what we need—I think we just need to let our kids breathe and ease back in. Let’s reshuffle our benchmark timeline, not squeak in more hours of the same instruction.”


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