Press Release: New Podcast Featuring Local Western Massachusetts Parents and Educators

Aug 17, 2021 | Events Online, Parenting Tips

Learning Support for Parents and Caregivers

A New Education Podcast for Parents Featuring Local Parents, Educators, and State Teachers of the Year


New Podcast Release featuring Local Western Massachusetts Parents and Educators

To The Core: An Education Podcast For Parents


When: Launching September 7, 2021, and dropping weekly on Tuesdays

Where: Apple Music, Spotify, Audible, and your favorite podcatcher

What: A podcast that gets to the core of parent questions about education and learning

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Let’s hear it for more parent support! The teachers of The Community Classroom are excited to announce To The Core, An Education Podcast for Parents. To The Core is a weekly education podcast that aims to help better prepare parents and caregivers to support and advocate for their children. Each week, The Community Classroom founder Dr. Megan Allen interviews expert teachers to unpack a particularly complex parent question in simplified ways. And the best part? It happens in 20-25 minutes, just long enough to listen while parents are shuttling kids to soccer practice or loading the dishwasher.

Do your kids know what a record is? Now’s the time for them to find out! There will be a virtual Podcast Launch and Family Dance Party on Zoom from 6:30-7:30 pm EST on September 7th, featuring Community Classroom-endorsed DJ Bobby G (a father of two) spinning live. If your kids have never seen someone scratch a record, this is their moment. 

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And did somebody say raffle?  If you sign up for a one-time notification for the podcast release, your email address is automatically in a raffle for your choice of prize: A $50 gift card to Glow Beauty Bar (they ship!), a $50 gift card for High Five Books (they ship, too!), or a $50 gift card for Donors Choose. Sign up at We’ll pick a winner for the raffle live at the Podcast Launch and Family Dance Party.

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Season 1 of this podcast drops at midnight on September 7th with a new episode going live every Tuesday. 

Want a peek at the lineup for Season One?

Episode One (pilot): Pandemic Learning Perspective From a Second Grader. Featuring Community Classroom student Edith Allen (Is there a better way to ground ourselves in education than talking to a child?).

Episode Two: What Happens With Girls and Math (and What Can We Do About It?)? Featuring Dr. Daniele Massey, Community Classroom math tutor, 2013 Department of Defense Teacher of the Year, and virtual math educator.

Episode Three: Should We Worry About Pandemic Learning Loss? Featuring Dr. Jemelleh Coes, the Director of Teacher Leadership for Mount Holyoke College, and the 2014 Georgia Teacher of the Year.


More information can be found at


  1. sue sullivan

    Do stories on MCAS testing

  2. sue sullivan

    Do stories on all the challenges and issues around race and MCAS testing-this could be expanded to other kids of standardized testing too.


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