5 Facts That Flip the Tutoring Stigma

Aug 10, 2021 | Articles, Tutoring Tips

Ever notice that there seems to be a negative stigma around tutoring? That it is a bit hush-hush in some parenting circles? It seems like you can hear the whisperings of “it’s for THOSE kids” instead of “it’s for ALL kids.” It’s time for that to change.

Let’s tackle this issue head-on and bust the stigma around tutoring, starting with the history. 

1. Stigma-busting fact #1: Tutoring can be traced back as far as the ancient Greeks in 400 BC.

Scholars would meet with their students and other academics for deep philosophical conversations. Think Socrates (the tutor) and his student, Pluto! It was a service provided for the greatest minds of the time (and don’t you want that for your child, too?!).

2. Stigma-busting fact #2: Name-dropping top tutors was a way to earn credibility.

In the 11th century, students went to universities to study under tutors called Masters. These tutors were so important that graduates would mention who they studied under instead of the actual name of the institution. 

3. Stigma-busting fact #3: For centuries, having a tutor was a status sign.

The wealthy, royal, and nobility would hire tutors for subjects such as language, literature, music, and philosophy to give their children the best education. It was an elite service held by the top of society.

4. Stigma-busting fact #4: Tutoring gets major results.

Tutoring can be compared to working with a personal trainer: It’s one-on-one, private teaching. Except you are exercising a mind and not growing muscles, but skills that will take a child far in life.

5. Stigma-busting fact #5: Research shows it’s the best way to give all kids an edge.

A review of decades of research shows that tutoring gives all students quite an edge. Tutoring can move students receiving average grades to the top 2%, increase high school exit exam scores by 11-12 percentage points, and help move above-average performing students to further excel.

Tutoring has positive impact on all students—those who are struggling with school, those performing about average, and those who are excelling. It’s benefited students for centuries and is still held up as a way to truly personalize learning. So let’s change that stigma around tutoring to highlight what it can really do for our kids: Help take them to the next level.

If you are ready to help take your child to the next level with tutoring, contact the teachers of The Community Classroom at www.thecommunityclassroom.com or email info@thecommunityclassroom.com.


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