The Community Classroom’s Great American Bake Off: A Spectacular Fusion of STEAM and Culinary Excellence

Jul 19, 2023 | Events in Florence, STEM

Dr. Megan M. Allen, NBCT
Chief Learning Curator and Founder, The Community Classroom 413-341-0740

The Community Classroom’s Great American Bake Off: A Spectacular Fusion of STEAM and Culinary Excellence

When: Friday, July 28, 2023
Where: The Community Classroom, 29 N Maple St, Florence Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (The Judging is at 2:30)

Florence – Get ready for a delectable showcase of talent as The Community Classroom proudly presents the much-anticipated Great American Bake Off, taking place next Friday, July 28, from 1-4 p.m at The Community Classroom. This event will showcase the remarkable talents and STEAM skills developed by our campers during their immersive week-long experience at The Community Classroom’s Edible STEAM Summer Program. Campers will be putting their newfound knowledge to the test in a thrilling baking competition.

“All we can say about this summer program is yum, yum!” exclaims Megan Allen, Chief Learning Curator and Founder of The Community Classroom. “This camp is the perfect blend of cooking, crafting, social skills, and science-ing, where students develop skills in observation, innovation, planning + revision, collaboration, and presentation.”

During the camp, students will embark on a culinary and scientific adventure, engaging in a range of exciting projects that explore the fascinating world of food and its scientific principles. From extracting DNA from strawberries to delving into the chemistry of cookies, crafting edible slime, and unraveling the secrets behind fizzy drinks, each day will be filled with hands-on exploration and discovery. To preserve their culinary journey, students will create a cookbook, capturing each day’s delicious recipes and documenting their growing repertoire of culinary skills.

The week’s grand finale will culminate in our very own rendition of the Great American Bake Off…STEAM style! With their newly developed science and cooking skills, our young talents will take the stage, showcasing their creativity and accomplishments. And of course, what better way to celebrate than by savoring and indulging in their delicious projects?

Now, it wouldn’t be a true Great American Bake Off without our very own celebrity judges… It is with great excitement that we announce the panel of judges who will be joining us to support and inspire our young campers. We are honored to welcome…drum roll, please… Judy from Herrell’s Ice Cream, Alysia from Carefree Cakery, and Georgie from Miss Florence Diner! While the judges evaluate the dishes based on plate presentation, flavor profiles, texture, creativity, and the contestants’ knowledge of the product, their expertise and experience in the culinary industry will undoubtedly provide our participants with invaluable guidance and encouragement.

The Great American Bake Off is not just about showcasing talent; it is also a testament to the power of collaboration among our own local women-owned businesses. The Community Classroom takes great pride in fostering a supportive environment that empowers young people and encourages entrepreneurship. By bringing together prominent women entrepreneurs, we aim to inspire our campers to pursue their dreams and embrace their potential.

For more information about The Community Classroom’s Edible STEAM Summer Program please visit our camp’s webpage at

We extend this invitation to our campers’ families, members of the media, and community leaders. Please join us as we witness the pinnacle of a week filled with passion, creativity, and a celebration of STEAM skills – and prepare to be dazzled by delectable treats and revel in the abundance of young talent on display at The Community Classroom’s Great American Bake Off!

About The Community Classroom: The Community Classroom is a renowned educational organization dedicated to providing engaging and innovative learning experiences for young individuals. Through diverse programs and

initiatives, we strive to equip students with essential skills and inspire a lifelong love for learning. To learn more, visit


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