Books to Get Ready for the New School Year

Aug 24, 2023 | At Home Learning Tips, Back to School, Just For Parents, Reading Tips

It’s that time of year, ya’ll! Teachers are setting up their classrooms and summer camps are winding down. If you are looking for some back-to-school books to help your child or students ease into the new year, we have some recommendations to prepare for the transition (and local folks, we’ve attached links to purchase the titles from our friends down the road at High Five Books).

Back-to-school Books for Littles (4 and up) 

  1. A Friend for Henry by Jenn Bailey. This picture book is about a boy on the autism spectrum who would like to find a friend at school, which can be difficult for a child with autism. This is a great read for teaching kids about neurodivergence and acceptance. 
  2. Sam’s Super Seats by Keah Brown. This is a beautiful and joyous picture book about a girl with cerebral palsy who is preparing for the upcoming school year with back-to-school shopping. 
  3. The Pigeon Has to Go To School by Mo Willems. Mo Willem’s famous pigeon is getting ready to go back to school but has some anxiety about the school day and what others may think of him.
  4. Capybara is Friends with Everyone by Maddie Frost. What do you need to do to be a good friend? This is a great book for teaching kids how to interact (or not interact) with others: it’s great for social-emotional learning and discussions.
  5. The Crayons Go Back to School by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffries. It’s time to get ready for school! Each crayon has something different they are looking forward to. This is a great read to prompt conversations about what is exciting about going back to school.

One caveat on the books above: Picture books are for everyone! We use “4 and up” loosely,

Middles: (2nd grade-ish through 8th grade-ish)

  1. Good Different by Meg Kuyatt. This is a great read about celebrating our differences, told through the voice of a neurodivergent girl (and written in verse!).
  2. Bobby vs. Girls by Lisa Yee. What’s it like to have a girl as your best friend, especially at an age when your peers don’t think it is so cool anymore? This is a great read for those who are experiencing changing friendships.
  3. The Thing Lu Couldn’t Do by Ashely Spires. Lu is usually up for new adventures but is feeling a little scared when asked to play pirates, since she has never climbed a tree before. This is a great read for kids going on new adventures and/or trying something hard (recommended by one of our lead tutors, Christina Webster).
  4. A-Okay by Jarad Greene. This is a humorous middle-grade novel about all things middle school and tween, including finding one’s place.
  5. Animated Science: Periodic Table by Shiho Pate. This is a fun nonfiction comic series about…you guessed it, the periodic table! We had to add this one for our science-loving kids and families. This one has a lot of accessibility for younger readers and high-level facts for older readers. It’s a win!

Do you have a favorite back-to-school book to read? List them in the comments below.


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