How Being a Counselor in Training Can Benefit Your Teen

Mar 19, 2023 | Articles, college prep, Just For Parents, Summer learning

By Masha Klymenko

In any camp, counselors have a great responsibility of looking after kids entrusted to them, and sometimes it could be overwhelming. Therefore, there exists a special position in camps – Counselors In Training (CITs). CITs are responsible for helping counselors/teachers with planning, teaching, and coordinating campers. Ensuring that campers are happy and safe is the main responsibility of both counselors and CITs.

 Many people have heard about CITs in a summer camp, but not many people know what valuable experience their kids could get from being a CIT. We are excited to share some of those benefits with you.

Volunteer Experience

As a high school student or middle school student, it is a prime time to start thinking about college applications. Many private schools and honor society applications want to see those volunteer experiences as well! By being a CIT, your kids will not only help your local community and learn how to work with students, but they will also receive a volunteer experience that will look good on their resume (and instill responsibility that will last a lifetime!).

Leadership Training

Under the close supervision of our teachers, CITs will also receive leadership training. It’s not only useful for someone who wants to acquire the traits of a leader, but it also helps to boost confidence, which is important for STEM/STEAM fields. Such skills as critical thinking, conflict management, team building, and problem-solving skills will be exercised during the summer program in order to turn future challenges into easy tasks for your child.

Teaching Assistant Experience

During the program, our CITs will get a first-hand experience of what it means to be a teacher assistant by helping our amazing tutors. The responsibilities include creating a welcoming environment, so every kid feels comfortable asking any questions they may have and making sure that everyone understands the topic of the day by giving a little extra attention if needed.

Time Management Skills

Another benefit is the improvement of time management skills, which is very important, especially for teenagers and soon-to-be college students. Living in a dorm, it is crucial to have good time management skills. With that skill, students will have an easier time planning their days so that they can have a full learning experience that will not affect their studies. Helping teachers during the summer program with planning and leading some activities without running overtime, but still covering everything will help your child to exercise and build this important skill.

Preparing for the First Job

Working as a CIT is the first step towards getting a paid job as a counselor. If your child is eager to begin work and craving responsibility but is not old enough for a paid position, serving as a CIT can lead to that future job. The experiences and training as a CIT (and the letter of recommendation!) will have them at the top of future hire lists.

Interested in becoming a CIT at the Community Classroom for our summer programs? Registration is open.

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