Community Leadership Camp

May 16, 2022 | Events in Florence

This camp runs as a pilot in the summer of 2022 for a cost of $350/week which includes a t-shirt, book, field trips, and transportation.


  • July 11-15 Week 1 of camp
  • July 25-29 Week 2 of camp
  • Optional: August Arrive at 5 for the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce (date TBD)


  • Daily from 1:00-4:30
    • 1:00: Meet at The Community Classroom
    • 1-2 at the Community Classroom (Leadership Lesson + Book Talk)
    • 2-2:30 is transportation/flex time
    • 2:30-4:30 is internship time
    • 4:30 parent pickup at the internship location

Friday the 15: 

  • We spend the day at the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce, complete with a meet and greet with several female Northampton business owners

Friday the 29th: 

  • Leadership retreat where we hike to the summit of Mount Tom (followed by ice cream + yummies + celebration)
  • Pinning ceremony at the summit to celebrate their achievement


  • Develop leadership skills for personal + school + life success
  • Learn from and with female entrepreneurs (mentors) in Northampton through daily internships
  • Create a vision board to set personal goals related to their own leadership development
  • Demonstrate growth and lessons learned by creating a product to share with a wider audience (choices include a social media takeover, an article in the Chamber newsletter, or hosting a LInk and Learn virtual workshop for local business owners)



  • Each girl will choose her top internship choices (8 = one a day) so they will have a more tailored experience
  • 4 a week (Fridays are field trip days where we are all together)
  • Options may include:
    • Mayor Sciarra, Northampton Fire, Marcella NYC, Florence Barber Shop, Passalongs Flower Farm, Ascendance Inner World Arts, Cycle Pottery, Busy Bee-Cleans, Tiffany Chapman Photography, DeLap Real Estate, Kidstuff, 7 Sisters Midwifery, Tiffany Hilton Pottery, Telebelle salon, Greenfield Bank, Bloom, 25 Central, Finck and Perras Insurance, YMCA president Julie Bianco, Pie Bar, CopyCat Printers, Academy of Music

Daily Pillars of Leadership (mini-lessons):

  • Day 1: Setting Goals and Executing (vision boards) + team building activity
  • Day 2: Getting Organized (journaling with a calendar, time management)
  • Day 3: Communication (Leadership compass self-assessment + charades, annotating text)
  • Day 4: Collaboration (Blue Angels video case study + characteristics of a highly effective team)
  • Day 5: Case Study at The Chamber of Commerce with Jess Thompsons
  • Day 6: Decision-Making (Conundrum game with philosophical decisions)
  • Day 7: Embracing Failure (Noodle and marshmallow tower challenge)
  • Day 8: Trying New Things (Learning sign language)
  • Day 9: Developing Negotiation Skills (Meet at The Escape Room in Hadley)
  • Day 10: Leadership Retreat at Mt Tom


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