Helping Your Kids Deal With Stress

Jan 21, 2021 | At Home Learning Tips, Video Blog

Brianna Young, an Iowa educator with her Master’s in Trauma and Resiliency, shares 4 strategies to help your children deal with stress.


  1. Johanna Garcia

    Hello how to help a student recover from experiencing bathroom restrictions also bullying.

    • Megan Allen

      Hi Johanna: Great question. I know one thing that works is talking to your pediatrician, who then can refer you to someone (a therapist) who has experience in Adverse Childhood Experiences that can cause trauma. Someone who is trained to help kids develop strategies to work through the trauma from bullying could surely help! Big hugs!

    • Brianna Young

      Hi Johanna! Megan’s advice to talk with the doctor is a good place to start with both concerns.

      There are also options with the school – I don’t know the details, but you child could receive a 504 plan that legally requires schools to make certain accommodations to make school more accessible.

      Check out this article for other ideas:


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