The Community Classroom to Launch The Little Community Classroom “STEAM-mobile” in Spring 2024

Jan 10, 2024 | Articles, Educational Games and Activities, Events in Florence, STEM


The Community Classroom to Launch Little Community Classroom “STEAM-mobile” in Spring 2024: Bringing High-Quality STEAM Education to the Florence Community

[Northampton, January 10, 2024] – The Community Classroom is thrilled to announce the launch of the Little Community Classroom, a pioneering initiative set to roll into our community in Spring 2024. This mobile education unit aims to bring Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) books and resources directly to children and families, fostering accessible and empowering learning experiences.

Program Highlights:

The Little Community Classroom will debut its pop-up reading room and mobile math and science lab at the weekly Farmers’ Market in May, and thereafter pop up at additional arts and educational events in our community. With comfy pillows, plush rugs, and plenty of places to sprawl and enjoy books, the pop-up reading room aims to be a place where families can sit and enjoy books together amid the Farmers’ Market. The reading room will be wrapped in tables for science and math exploration, curated with STEAM activities. The inside of the Little Community Classroom will be a mobile planetarium, allowing families and kids access to astronomy in their backyard. Certified teachers from The Community Classroom have meticulously designed programming to take science, art, and math on the road, offering high-quality learning opportunities to all corners of our community.

Focus on Underestimated Populations:

The pop-up reading room will showcase a curated collection of books highlighting women and scientists of color, providing representation that is crucial for inspiring young minds. The books will be purchased through a generous grant from The Northampton Arts Council. 

Mobile STEAM Lab:

Accompanying the reading room is a mobile STEAM lab, offering free activities that integrate math, art, and science. This hands-on approach aims to engage children and spark their interest in STEAM fields, with the understanding that early exposure is crucial for individual and societal development.

Equity and Social Justice:

Social justice and equity lie at the core of this project. The Community Classroom is passionate about education and strives to make science come alive while promoting diversity in STEAM fields. Our books and hands-on STEAM projects aim to allow young girls and underrepresented populations to envision themselves as scientists and mathematicians, fostering equity and inclusion.

Diverse Representation in Literature:

The pop-up reading room will feature books that highlight diverse characters, including popular series like “Ada Twist, Scientist,” and stories of historical figures such as those portrayed in “Hidden Figures.” 

Bridging Disparities in STEAM:

Promoting STEAM interest among children from diverse backgrounds helps bridge gender and racial disparities in these fields. Encouraging underrepresented groups to pursue STEM careers fosters diversity and ensures a broader range of perspectives in research and innovation.

Free and Fun Programming:

The programming is free, ensuring that quality STEAM education is available to all. The Little Community Classroom will be fun, inviting, and a valuable resource for our community.

The Community Classroom invites the community to join us on this exciting journey toward fostering a love for learning and inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Dr. Megan Allen, NBCT

Owner/Operator and Chief Learning Curator

The Community Classroom



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