Miss Florence Diner Food Estimations

Nov 20, 2021 | Math Activities

Below are the monthly food estimates from the owner of the Miss Florence Diner, Georgianna Brunton. The questions from these estimates are found on the kids’ menus at the diner.

Remember that with estimation, the answers are not exact, but ranges and best guesses.


  • How many gallons of syrup does Miss Flo’s go through in a month? 16 gallons
  • Cartons of eggs? 28-30 Dozen Cases – 840 Dozen – 10,080 eggs 
  • About how many pounds of bacon? 300 pounds
  • About how many loaves of bread? From Georgie: “a ton! – I have no idea”
  • About how many pounds of cheese? 250 pounds
  • About how many pounds of butter? Sticks? 120 pounds, 480 sticks (and that’s not counting the butter packages on the tables)


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