Fall Math Estimation Stations For Students

Sep 23, 2021 | Events in Florence, Math Activities

It’s fall, folks! We hosted an Estimation Station booth at the Florence Night Out festival in our little downtown area of Florence, MA. It focused on COVID-safe, brain-tingling, and nerdy fun! Fall-themed math, of course.

We are posting the Estimation Stations below so you can share them with your school, classroom, home, or community. And for those who attended the event in Florence, this is where you will find the Estimation Station answers! Spoiler alert, though. Don’t peak before you submit your answers.

Find the slide deck here with Guidelines for Grown-Ups, prompts to print and post, and additional nerdy fun math facts about each topic.

Estimation Station 1: Apple Estimation

About how many apples are in the jug?

Bonus: An apple has between 5-7 seeds. About how many seeds might be in the jug?

Answers: 38 apples, between 190-266 apple seeds

Estimation Station 2: Corny Estimation

A cob of corn has an average of 16 rows of kernels. About how many rows of corn are in the basket?

Bonus: About how many cobs of corn can fit in a standard truck bed? About how many rows of corn would that be? If a corn cob has an average of 800 kernels, about how many kernels would be in the truck bed?

Answer: The truck bed would have a volume of about 64,800 cubic inches (the dimensions are on the slides). That is about 540 cubic feet, so there could be about 108,000 cobs of corn if assume about 20 cobs of corn fit in one cubic foot. That would be about 1.728 million rows of corn and about 86.4 million kernels. Hope your chickens are hungry!

Estimation Station 3: Oh My Gourd! Pumpkins Full of Coins

Would you rather have the small pumpkin full of quarters? The slightly larger pumpkin full of dimes? A medium-sized pumpkin full of nickels? Or the large pumpkin full of nickels? Why?

Answers: Watch the videos to find out the reveals!





Spoiler Alert: Answers! The pumpkin full of dimes has $95 in it! The penny pumpkin has $37.50, the nickel pumpkin has $52, and the quarter pumpkin has $27.00.

Estimation Station Four: One Minute Activity Estimations

How many times do you think you can hop in one minute?

How many times do you think you can sit and stand in one minute?

How many times can you clap your hand in one minute?

Winners from the leaderboard during Florence Night Out:


Estimation Station Five: Complete the Pattern (yes, it’s not REALLY estimation, but…)

What pattern would be in the 10th vase?

Bonus: In the 20th vase? The 100th?

Answers can vary. The following image will point out potential patterns your child could notice.

Special thanks to Rooted for the flower donation. Check ’em out, folks!

Station Six: Pumpkin Spice: Is It Nice?

Which side one, yes or no?


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