Free Interactive Math Walk in Downtown Northampton

Free Interactive Math Walk in Downtown Northampton (MA) in Support of #NiceTuesdaysNorthampton

mathwalk sidewalk math event in downtown northampton massachusetts for #niceTuesdaysnorthampton

Free Family Fun!
Come nerd out with us.

When: April 13th, 2021
Where: Downtown Northampton, Massachusetts (we’ll have a table set up to get you started at Spot #1 on the map, located in front of CLINIC Alternative Medicine)
Time: 9:30 am – 7:00 pm
Items Needed: Your map (click here!), walking shoes, and an open mind


On April 13 there will be a free, 26 spot interactive math walk that’s great for the whole family (or anyone who loves math!). And it will be under your feet—with sidewalk math throughout downtown Northampton! There will be math problems, math jokes, math games, and lots of nerdy fun. And participants will receive a gift certificate for Joe’s Pizza and a set of “which one doesn’t belong” cookies (while supplies last).

Sidewalk math is an opportunity for families to explore math in a fun and covid-safe way. It takes the math out of its usual environment and plops it on sidewalks, giving families and passersby the opportunity to play, discuss, and ponder. And enjoy math!
The Community Classroom tutoring center and the Western Massachusetts Math Partnership (WMMP) are excited to celebrate #NiceTuesdaysNorthampton with Sidewalk Math in downtown Northampton.
 #NiceTuesdaysNorthampton are events hosted by the Community Engagement Committee of the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce to support small businesses in downtown (and give us amazing opportunities to play, eat, and shop!).
For kids and grownups (the littles may need more adult support, at times the grownups may need more kid support).
Need help? We’ll have socially distanced strolling mathematicians at the ready!
Rain contingency plan: Math tasks will be posted in rain-safe locations. Grab your galoshes!
Example of a sidewalk math problem:
Sidewalk math problem made with chalk
25: Over 300 registered businesses
26: 23 pounds and 46 slices


  1. Zevey

    Will you repeat this event?

    • Megan Allen

      Hi! We are always happy to consult with other groups to support family fun and public math! We hope to offer this event again next year. It was SO MUCH FUN to see all those mathematicians!


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