Seminar: Helping Your Teenager Thrive: Insights from Neuroscience, Psychology, Education & Adolescents

May 21, 2021 | Events in Florence

Community Classroom Academic Coaching

What: A seminar for the parents and caregivers of adolescents who want to understand their children better (and build stronger relationships at home)

When: July 21, 2021, from 5-7 pm EST

Where: The Community Classroom (limited tickets) and online

Led by: Chris Holmes, the 2014 Missouri Teacher of the Year and Community Classroom Academic Coach

The description: The transition from childhood to adolescence triggers biological changes in brain development that can make teaching and parenting teenagers an often difficult, stressful, and maddening endeavor. A clearer understanding of adolescent development – especially from a neurological, psychological, and pedagogical perspective – helps us create environments and relationships that guide our children toward more successful, satisfying, and harmonious lives. We want our kids to thrive. We want them happy. This session provides some insight and strategies to try at home, as well as a Q and A session with an educator who has researched teenage apathy.

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Bio: This seminar is created and facilitated by Chris Holmes, the 2014 Missouri State Teacher of the Year and an Academic Coach at The Community Classroom.

The approach Chris takes with teaching and learning is to cultivate curiosity, facilitate introspection, and foster hope. He is a writing teacher, but his experience extends beyond traditional academic instruction. He infuses expertise in journalism and poetry, special education and gifted education, and motivation and human wellbeing. The foundation of his practice hinges on relationships and the growth of his students includes not just academic content and skill, but also executive function, goal-setting, and self-knowledge. He holds a Masters in Educational Psychology (University of Missouri) and 20 years of experience teaching in both public and private schools. Recently, he helped found a high school for adolescents who learn differently, many of whom are twice-exceptional. Chris spends his summers teaching at Missouri Scholars Academy, a three-week residential experience for gifted high school juniors.

Venue: This will be held in person at The Community Classroom in Florence, MA. We will also be live-streaming it for those who want to attend virtually. Tickets in-person are limited and we require all guests to wear a mask if not fully vaccinated or they must attend virtually.

Tickets: Tickets are limited and available through Eventbrite. We are asking participants to “Pay What You Can” and make donations. Find more information on tickets here.


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