Coaching Sessions for Teens—What is Possible: Developing a Personal Path Plan

May 21, 2021 | Events in Florence

Description: In these one-on-one sessions, Chris helps each student develop a “personal path plan” to serve as a map for successfully navigating the 2021-22 school year. Discussions and activities foster personal agency, increase autonomous motivation, and establish strategies and supports for inevitable struggles. The primary focus is on “the possible.”

For: Tweens and teens

When: July 21st

Where: The Community Classroom

These sessions are for current clients of The Community Classroom. We may have some limited availability for new clients—please email to inquire. Sessions are one hour long and cost $75/per session.

Bio: This seminar is created and facilitated by Chris Holmes, the 2014 Missouri State Teacher of the Year and an Academic Coach at The Community Classroom.

The approach Chris takes with teaching and learning it to cultivate curiosity, facilitate introspection, and foster hope. He is a writing teacher, but his experience extends beyond traditional academic instruction. He infuses expertise in journalism and poetry, special education and gifted education, and motivation and human wellbeing. The foundation of his practice hinges on relationships and the growth of his students includes not just academic content and skill, but also executive function, goal-setting, and self-knowledge. He holds a Masters in Educational Psychology (University of Missouri) and 20 years of experience teaching in both public and private schools. Recently, he helped found a high school for adolescents who learn differently, many of whom are twice-exceptional. Chris spends his summers teaching at Missouri Scholars Academy, a three-week residential experience for gifted high school juniors.


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