Introducing Northampton’s First Little Free Math Library

Feb 13, 2022 | Articles, Events in Florence, Mass Appeal, Math Activities, STEM

Northampton Gets Its First Little Free Math Library

The Community Classroom 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 15, 2022 

Ribbon-Cutting and Outdoor Launch Party to Celebrate Pi Day and International Math Day : March 14, 2022 

Florence, MA: Come celebrate International Math Day with us! 


The Community Classroom tutoring center is excited to celebrate International Math Day and Pi Day (3.14) with an Outdoor Launch Party to celebrate the grand opening of Northampton’s first Little Free Math Library. The Little Free Math Library is an outdoor, waterproof container that serves as a place for the local community to borrow math games to play at home. Children (and grown-ups who love math!) can borrow a game, play it, learn, then repeat. Games that will be included in the math library include Farkle, Proof, Roll for It, Qwixx, and other teacher-recommended games that are found in classrooms (but not always in homes).

Local families and other friends of The Community Classroom have sponsored games that will be housed in the Little Free Math Library, with a sponsorship recognition sticker on the game box. Some clients of the Classroom have also donated their favorite games to share with other kids in the community (along with really cute notes as to why they love the games!). Families and community members will be able to check out the games for free by scanning a QR code on the front of the Library and filling out a short Borrower’s Promise form.  

The hope of the Little Free Math Library is to start a community movement similar to the Little Free Libraries that are dotted throughout Northampton.  The brainchild of Community Classroom tutor and Mount Holyoke College graduate Jay Bright, it also serves as a way to spread the joy of math and allow families access to math games they might not know about or have access to. 

The small, outdoor event will include a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Northampton Mayor Sciarra, outdoor math games that families can play, a math face painting and tattoo station, math music, and since it is Pi Day, pie for all. Celebration goers can also be the first to take home math games from the math library. 

This event is for kids and grownups and open to all—those who love math and those who don’t. 

Rain contingency plan: We have a tent. Grab your mask and galoshes!

Bonus content! Here’s a sneak peek of the playlist for the event.


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