Leadership Program For Young Women + Non-Binary Young People

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Leadership Program For Young Women + Non-Binary Young People

  • Leadership Program Week 1 (Rising 5th-8th graders): July 10-14 (open to 10 students)
  • Leadership Program Week 2 (Rising 5th-8th graders): July 17-21 (open to 10 students)
  • Counselors-in-training (Rising 9th graders and up): Either week (open to 3 CITs)
Time: 1-4:30 pm EST
Cost: $350/week

Each day starts in the Community Classroom with a hands-on lesson about a leadership skill that will help the young person navigate (and own) life. These include the following research-based leadership pillars:

  1. Unpacking Leadership
  2. Setting Goals (Self and Group)
  3. Communication (Verbal and Nonverbal)
  4. Getting Organized
  5. Collaboration and Teamwork
  6. Decision-Making
  7. Embracing Failure
  8. Trying New Things
  9. Building Consensus
  10. Being Assertive

These are not only leadership skills, knowledge, and dispositions, but also executive functioning skills that can become more complicated for adolescents as they yearn for more independence.

Each day ends with a community-based internship with a local leader or entrepreneur. Last year’s leaders had access to our Northampton mayor, the Chamber of Commerce, and a network of women who welcomed our campers and served as role models (and future connections). Students will be sent a menu of options for internships prior to the start of camp so their internship experience can be individualized based on their passions and interests.
SWAG: Community Classroom t-shirt, journal, pen, name badge, framed photo, collage, and graduation gift.
Each week will culminate in a graduation Leadership Summit at the top of Mount Tom (recorded for caregivers).
Leadership students will have access to several optional activities as well, including developing and participating in a segment for WWLP News Channel 22’s Mass Appeal and an event with the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce.
Cancellation: Payment for the program is due 1 month before the start of camp. Caregivers may cancel up to 2 weeks before the start date and receive a 100% refund, minus the deposit. Cancellations after that result in a 50% refund.
Looking for more details about the curriculum, research, and last year’s program? Find it here.

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