The Benefits of Reading to Pets (Introducing the Turtle Reading Program)

Jan 31, 2023 | Articles, Just For Parents, Reading Tips

Reading to pets is a fun and effective way for children to improve their reading skills. Research has shown that children who read to pets are more confident and motivated to read, which can have a positive impact on their literacy development. Here are three reasons why reading to pets is such a valuable activity for kids (followed by a big announcement from the Community Classroom).

Practice Makes Perfect

Reading to pets provides children with a low-pressure environment to practice their reading skills. Children can read at their own pace and work on their fluency and expression without the fear of being judged. This can help build their confidence and encourage them to keep practicing their reading. As children read more often, they will become more comfortable with reading, which will make it easier for them to improve their skills.

Confidence Boost

Reading to pets is a positive experience for children. Pets are non-judgmental listeners who offer love and support no matter what. This can help children feel confident and secure as they practice their reading. Children who read to pets are less likely to feel nervous or self-conscious about their reading skills, which can result in improved performance and increased motivation to read.

Emotional Connection

Reading to pets can also create an emotional connection between the child and the pet. Children may feel a sense of comfort and security when they are reading to a pet, which can lead to increased motivation and enjoyment for both the child and the animal. Children may also develop a stronger bond with the pet, which can result in improved overall well-being for both the child and the pet.

In conclusion, reading to pets is a fun and effective way for children to improve their reading skills. Whether it’s through practice, confidence building, or emotional connection, reading to pets can provide children with the support and encouragement they need to become better readers. Encourage your children to read to pets, and you may be surprised by the positive impact it can have on their literacy development.

Introducing: The Turtle Reading Program (TRP)

The Community Classroom is excited to introduce the Turtle Reading Program (TRP), where current and former clients can sign up to read to our classroom turtle, Kramer. We were noticing that Kramer has been tracking people when they are in the classroom, following their every move. He was also swimming towards the glass, in the direction of people. After a little research, lead tutor Nicole Rhodes discovered that the behaviors that Kramer was displaying were due to the need for attention (who knew turtles wanted or needed attention?). This combined with the research around reading to pets lit a giant lightbulb over our heads: This would be a win-win.

We hope to open the Turtle Reading Program to the public soon. For now, we are piloting it with our current and former clients. Current and former clients may sign up here to schedule a time to read with Kramer the turtle.

Photo ​credit of the boy reading by Ben White on Unsplash.

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