Developing strong tutor-student relationships

Jun 24, 2021 | Articles, Tutoring Tips

Ever wonder what defines a highly effective tutor-student relationship? We did the research and developed an evidence-based system to ensure it. 

Every time.

At The Community Classroom, we build learning and develop critical thinking skills around the power of relationships. Relationships are the foundation of our interactions with the world, and their role in learning is no exception. So how do you think about relationships as they relate to matching a student to a tutor, and how do you know who might be able to build the strongest relationship with a student?

We’ve spent a lot of time researching and thinking about that question. Here’s how we bring that thinking to our tutoring matches.

1. We’ve developed a Compatibility Tool to help us think about relationships and learning.

This tool takes data collected from the clients through a Learner Questionnaire and a Caregiver Questionnaire, then compares it to data collected from our tutors through a Tutor Self-Assessment, resumes, and letters of recommendation. The tool helps us think about 5 indicators for matching, which include:

1. Similarities and Differences

2. Content, Grade, and Pedagogy

3. Areas of Expertise

4. Strengths and Interests

5. Availability.

2. We match tutors to clients by hand based on who could develop the strongest relationship.

There’s no computer matching program, no algorithm, no random matching. We hand match using our in-house compatibility system and then schedule a meet-and-greet by Zoom to ensure that all parties feel good about the match.

3. We make sure our roster of tutors includes the best-of-the-best certified teachers who are relationship-building Jedi.

We are REALLY picky about who we bring on our team. We look for not only teachers with strong pedagogy (how they teach) and content knowledge, but those with a proven record of building strong relationships with kids. 

4. We keep our tutor matches flexible. 

If a child, caregiver, or client is not feeling great about the match, we start all over again. We don’t lock families into a situation that is not feeling like the best fit. 

5. We build community and relationships with our team.

Strong relationships in the workplace add up to strong relationships between tutors and clients. This can be challenging with a team of tutors that spans 10 states and 2 countries, but we try to be intentional about developing a strong team. We have periodic team meetings, professional learning opportunities, and summer workshops. 

6. We have a proven track record of success.

Want proof that this focus on relationships works? The proof is in the success of our clients. In the words of one parent:

“My daughter struggled academically during the Pandemic as I know so many students did. Her grades were not reflective of what she was capable of and her self-confidence was at an all-time low. I immediately felt we contacted the right place when Megan truly listened to all of my daughter’s needs and conveyed genuine concern for her overall well-being. She understood that remote tutoring would not be effective for my daughter and that it would be best in-person. She thought it may take a few weeks to match her to a teacher who was willing to meet in person. It ended up only being a few days before she contacted us with the name and background of a tutor she felt would be a great fit.

My daughter met with Tricia and they immediately made a great connection. They worked together to come up with a plan to catch up on her assignments in her classes and to work on improving her organizational and prioritizing skills.

My daughter was in danger of failing several classes when we started at The Community Classroom. She ended up earning all A’s and B’s during her last quarter and she was no longer worried about having to participate in credit recovery over the summer. This allowed her to get her first summer job and her self-confidence has improved so much! I can’t thank Megan and Tricia enough for all they have done to help my daughter end her school year on such a positive note. I highly recommend The Community Classroom!”

Contact us so we can connect your PreK-12th grade child to just the right tutor using this proven process. We’d love to help your child develop more confidence, learn, and shine!





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