Tutor Self-Assessment

Tutor Self-Assessment Form

This form will give The Community Classroom information on your teaching style, strengths, areas of expertise, interests, and communication style that will help us in matching you with potential clients. This information will remain private and confidential.

  • What are your strengths as an educator?
  • Please let us know what grade levels and content areas you prefer to tutor.
  • Please briefly describe your interests (sports, hobbies, activities, etc.).
  • Tell us something that makes you unique! For example, Megan has double-jointed thumbs and was president of her town's Fossil Club when she was 8. And she really loves hotel lobbies.
  • What is your expertise? For example, it could be "getting kids to love reading" or "I'm a certified gardener" or "I have a blackbelt."
  • Please briefly describe your teaching style and how that relates with connecting to kids.

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