Dr. Amy Hewett-Olatunde has been an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher for the St. Paul Public Schools in St. Paul, Minnesota since 1999. She teaches at Humboldt Junior and Senior High School. She teaches levels 1-4 academic and creative writing and 6th grade ELA, is an instructional coach and sits on the Leadership Team, Equity Team, Literacy Leadership Team, and ESL Team. She is also a building union steward. Amy has also taught adult, workforce, secondary, and post-secondary graduate and undergraduate English learners and pre-service mainstream and ESL teachers. In addition to her current role as a full-time ESL teacher at Humboldt High School and Middle School and Administrative Intern, she has worked at Hamline University and the University of St. Thomas in the Advanced Degrees, Certificate, Licensure, Additional Licensure and CUE Program (The CUE program has been responsible for recruiting persons of color and persons with unique cultural, ethnic, language and urban backgrounds into teaching professions in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.) since 2007 both as a professor and supervisor. She serves on multiple capstone, as well as dissertation committees. She also works for SupportEd, LLC as a facilitator for online ESL development courses.

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